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September 07, 2007

Is Osama bin Laden Back Ahead of 9/11?

Posted in: 9/11,Homeland Security,Islamofascist,War on Terror



New images of Osama bin Laden just in front of September 11.

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – The first new images of Osama bin Laden in nearly three years will be released ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, al-Qaida’s media arm announced, a move that would end the terror mastermind’s longest period without a message.

Al Qaeda Announces New Bin Laden Video

New Bin Laden Video? 

Bin Laden has not been seen on a new video since October 2004.

A still frame accompanying the announcement shows bin Laden with an all-black beard. In his 2004 appearance, his facial hair was predominantly gray.  

Federal law enforcement authorities say that another Web site had posted a message on Sept. 2, promising “a special gift to be delivered on the blessed day of the invasion of Manhattan.”

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