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February 22, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Says “For First Time in My Life, I’m Ashamed of My Country” (Video)

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience: “For the First Time in My Life I Am Ashamed of My Country”.  Limbaugh went on to say that he is tired of the same old politics of fear and the sky is falling fear tactics. Its the same stuff, the same threats, blame and arguments. All we do is just continue to spend more and more and no one wants to talk about the real issue … WE cannot afford to spend any more.

Here’s Rush Limbaugh comments from today’s show:

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country. To be watching all of this, to be treated like this, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it’s being insulted? It just makes me ashamed.

“Seriously man, here we get worked up over 44 billion dollars – that’s the total amount of money that will not be spent that was scheduled to be spent this year.”

Limbaugh added that the government would continue to spend more money this year than last year in spite of the sequester cuts.

“I’ve said the same things over and over for 25 years,” Limbaugh said, adding that it didn’t matter who was in power. “It’s the same stuff, it’s the same threats, it’s the same arguments, over and over nothing ever changes.”

“We just keep spending more money, we create more dependency, we get more and more irresponsible one crisis to the next, all of them manufactured,” Limbaugh added. “Except for the real crisis that nobody ever addresses

and that is we can’t afford it.”

Rush Limbaugh’s complete comments can be seen and read HERE.

You are not the only one who is ashamed Rush; however, I beat you to the punch … I was ashamed when America reelected this class warfare, community agitator President to a second term.

President Barack Obama and Democrat House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi believe that Washington DC does not have spending problem. However, it is obvious to a majority of Americans that Washington has a severe spending problem.

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