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August 27, 2007

Jack McClellan Leaving California, You are not a Martyr … You are a Pedophile

Posted in: Child Welfare,Judicial

Jack McClellan, the self-admitted pedophile, states that he is leaving California due to theJack_Mcclllan “Orwellian” court order to permanently have him stay away from places where children gather. Orwellian? McClellan, you are not a martyr. You are a danger to children! One can only hope that every state that this child predator goes to will pass a similar court order.

“I have to leave the state, really, I can’t live here under this Orwellian protocol,” he told KABC-TV. “It’s nightmarish.”

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig issued a permanent injunction and a three-year restraining order that prohibit McClellan from coming within 30 feet of schools, playgrounds and other places where children congregate.

The judge’s ruling narrowed a previous injunction, issued earlier in the month, that had barred McClellan from coming near anyone under age 18 anywhere in the state. McClellan spent 10 days in jail for violating that injunction when he was arrested earlier this month near a child care center at the University of California, Los Angeles. (Fox News)

It is about time that our judicial system took a pro-active stance against these child predators, stalkers and pedophiles. Leave the state.  McClellan, maybe you should consider leaving the country.

Sandvig’s new ruling also bars McClellan from contacting, videotaping or photographing children or publishing their photos without written consent from a guardian or parent. McClellan could be arrested if he violates that prohibition.

He says the order also violates his First Amendment right to free speech. Free speech does not give you the right to stalk innocent children and take their pictures for your sexual gratification. You do not have the right to actually go where these young girls are and present a clear and present danger.

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