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August 26, 2007

How Much is that B-52 in the Window?

Posted in: Bizarre,Military

Looking for that unique early Christmas present for the man who has everything? How about buying a B-52 bomber for $500 million? Sound strange? A wealthy Russian man tried to do just that from a group of American pilots at an air show in Russia. Let’s just hope the $500 million does not also include a full pay load of bombs as well.


The B-52 long-range, heavy bomber of the US Air Force is on display at the 8th International Aviation & Space Salon MAKS 2007 in Zhukovsky town.  (ITAR-TASS/Landov)

The unidentified Russian, wearing sunglasses and surrounded by bodyguards, approached the U.S. delegation and asked to buy the bomber, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper said.

An astounded member of the U.S. delegation said the bomber was not for sale but that it would cost at least $500 million if it were to be sold on the spot. (Reuters)

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