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February 12, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden says We’re Counting on “Legitimate Media” for Successful Gun Control Anti-Second Amendment Effort

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The Legitimate Media? You mean the Barack Obama, corrupt, liberal MSM complex that has been nothing more than a propaganda tool for Democrats and the Obama Administration?

These guys don’t even pretend anymore that the MSM is not their propaganda vehicle. Biden calls for a call to arms of the complicit, liberal, in the tank media for Barack Obama.  During a press conference on gun safety control in Philadelphia, Vice President Joe Biden stated that any reports that suggest that Barack Obama was trying to take weapons away from gun owners was a “bunch of malarkey.” Really, tell that to the individuals who own guns that are on Senator Feinstein’s list of banned guns. Biden said that the Obama WH was counting on the “LEGITIMATE MEDIA” to continue to carry Obama’s water and was key to convincing the American people to provide successful gun control. WHAT, as opposed to the illegitimate media!!!  What, is Biden afraid of, a media that actually cares about the US Constitution to provide the truth to the American people and educate them as to what the Second Amendment really means? They are so afraid of the truth that they would try to diminish anyone who would dare differ with their policies and call them for what they really are. Think about that statement America.  Biden is basically calling out the liberal corrupt media complex, otherwise known was Obama’s lackeys in the media to provide further propaganda that was pro-Obama, rather than doing what the media was intended to do … question government and inform “We the People”.

“To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed,” Biden added, warning that people would continue to “misrepresent” the White House’s plans for gun control.

“The social media that exists out there, the tragedies that have occurred, the Supreme Court decision affirming that its an individual right to bear arms – all give a lie to the argument that what we’re trying to do is somehow unconstitutional, or somehow goes after the legitimate right to own and bear arms and to hunt and protect yourselves,” Biden added.


Who knew that the Second Amendment had anything to do with hunting? As the Lonely Conservative opines, “To use his own term, he’s full of malarkey. The second amendment was never about hunting and he knows it. But he knows his friends in the “legitimate media” have his back.” Sadly, you would be correct.

EXIT QUESTION #1: Do you know when the so-called “Legitimate media” is illegitimate? When a VP makes such a comment about the legitimate media and not one person asks what and who Biden thinks the “illegitimate” media is.

EXIT QUESTION #2: Imagine what the election, his polling and Obama’s first term in office would have looked like had the MSM fairly reported on Obama and his failure after failure with the economy, jobs, unemployment, record debt, record spending and foreign policy disasters?

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