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August 18, 2007

Category 4 Hurricane Dean Takes Aim on Jamaica … Could Soon be Category 5

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Hurricane Dean has already cause death and damage in its path in the Caribbean. Hurricane Dean, now a category 4, takes aim at Jamaica. Dean has already killed at least 3 people and now Hurricane Dean bears down on Jamaica. It is being predicted that when Hurricane Dean hits Jamaica it could be a category 5 with winds greater than 155 mph.


Dean was forecast to thrash Jamaica with 160 mph winds, or Category 5 intensity, up to 20 inches of rain, storm surge and large battering waves, with the onslaught beginning Sunday morning. The system, with hurricane-force winds extending 70 miles from its core, was to be directly over the small island nation by Sunday afternoon.

Also facing peril: the Cayman Islands, which are about 200 miles northwest of Jamaica and in Dean’s path. The storm was expected to rumble over those resort islands on Monday while retaining its brute force. (Sun Sentinel)

Dean, a Category 4 hurricane, ravaged Caribbean islands on Saturday and was expected to roll across the Yucatan Peninsula and into the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday. The Texas coast was a possible target, and some South Texas areas began taking precautions Saturday. (Washington Post)

U.S. Gulf oil companies prepare for deadly hurricane

UPDATE I: Texas Governor declares Hurricane Dean imminent threat to Texas

Hurricane Dean has been declared an “imminent threat” to Texas by Gov. Rick Perry, and Friday he began full-scale hurricane preparedness measures.

The National Weather Service projects that Hurricane Dean could impact the Texas coast by the middle of next week.

Perry ordered the mobilization of 250 Texas Military Forces, with the possibility of 10,000 soldiers that could be deployed, if necessary. This is along with first response crews in Bryan-College Station and Dallas and Texas Parks and Wildlife crews with boats.

UPDATE II: VIDEO from Breitbart

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