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December 15, 2012

Neighbors and Classmates Say Crazed School Killer Adam Lanza Was Troubled & Shy … Older Brother Ryan Said Adam was Autistic … Deeply Disturbed

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As everyone breaks down the mindset of school shooter Adam Lanza, could he have just been pure EVIL?

So what is the personality make up of a 20 year old that would wake up one day, kill his mother and then head off to an elementary school and murder in cold blood 20 children from the ages of 5 to 10 and six adults? It is being reported in the NY Post that Adam Lanza, the individual responsible for the mass murder yesterday in Newtown, CT at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, was a troubled and shy individual. Many people, whether they be neighbors or classmates, noticed that Adam had issues, was socially awkward and was struggling to be social. Adam’s brother, Ryan, who was first inaccurately said to be the shooter, told investigators that his brother was autistic.

Shooter Adam Lanza, 2005 photo

Crazed kid-killer Adam Lanza was a troubled “genius” who was painfully awkward and shy.

“I know he had issues,” said Beth Israel, whose daughter, Alex, went to school with Lanza. “He was a really troubled kid. I think he had learning disabilities.”

Adam’s brother told investigators that the gunman was autistic, sources said. Israel described him to The Post as a sort of autistic savant, saying he was “very smart, but he had issues. He was a real genius.

“He was just a weird kid. He was a very quiet kid, a shy kid, maybe socially awkward,” Israel added.

Adam Lanza used multiple guns during the mass murder in Newtown , CT. Police found guns inside and outside of the school. The guns were registered to his mother, who Adam had killed earlier in the morning before he went on the school shooting rampage. Sadly, I have to ask the question how a child with such mental issues had any access to such guns?

Investigators said three guns were found – a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, inside the school, and a .223-caliber rifle in the back of a car.

A law enforcement official says that the weapons were registered to Lanza’s mother.

The official says that a fourth weapon was found outside the school and that investigators have been going to shooting ranges and gun stores to see if Lanza had frequented them.

But the question is, who does socially awkward, a learning disability or autistic savant turn into a cold blooded killer capable of such a heinous crime and the unspeakable act of killing young children? Such actions require such a black heart and soul that it is incomprehensible for any of us to understand. So, was he just pure evil without a soul?

UPDATE I: If Adam Lanza was such a “deeply disturbed kid,” had major issues, was “subject to outbursts” and was a  was a “ticking time bomb”... then some one needs to explain to me how he had any access and even knew that his mother was in the possession of registered guns? As stated at The Dana Show, this is not a problem of gun control, its one of mental illness. Lanza, like many other mass shooters  were disturbed young men that no law could deter from their intended destruction. Why were the warning signs ignored?

He was dark and disturbed, a deeply troubled boy from a wealthy family who unnerved his neighbors and classmates.

Mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, was a ticking time bomb, people who knew him told the Daily News.

“This was a deeply disturbed kid,” a family insider told the Daily News. “He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall.”

Lanza, who friends and officials said suffered from Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder, had a tortured mind.

UPDATE II: It is now being confirmed that Nancy Lanza, the murdered mother of shooter Adam Lanza, was not affiliated with Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Sorry, but this is not a gun control issue as Adam Lanza did not purchase these guns, they were registered to his mother. However, I will say that this is more of an issue of dealing with mental illness in individuals and those who own guns to keep them away from the criminally insane of those who like to go to elementary schools and shoot children.

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