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July 02, 2007

New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway Part IV

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The entire New Orleans contingent that participated in the “Make the Travel Agents and people Aware” weekend need to be congratulated. What a tremendous job they did in reminding people that Natalee Holloway is still missing and Aruba is still doing nothing over 2 years later. Aruba does nothing, but somehow they expect Americans to reward them by going there on vacation and spending their hard earned money.

Thank you for the reports a long the way and the pictures. Scared Monkeys gives a big Hat Tip to those that came up with the idea of putting the “Where is Natalee” sign on the back of the horse drawn carriage (see picture below). BRILLIANT!  The amount of eyes that saw that poster in the streets of New Orleans  from an individual’s independent thought is simply fantastic. No ATA marketing campaign can compete with that type of grass roots ingenuity and perseverance.

Meetings for the travel convention were between 9:30 and noon. We set the banners up in new locations this morning. Many were able to see them as they drove to and from-or near-the Hilton. The travel agents themselves were coming and going on tours of the French Quarter and had to pass by the banners…



About 12:30 we moved our efforts to the French Quarter, where there were organized tours for the attendees. The Quarter also was crowded with tourists and locals, as is usual on the weekends.

Grass had talked with a woman who runs the horse and carriage tours through the Quarter, and she was persuaded by him to allow us to place signs on the back of 3 carriages for one hour. That enabled many people to see the signs as they walked or rode through the Quarter. The carriages are quite visible. Jamie and I rode in one of these 3 carriages….and even were able to pass out a few brochures as the carriage stopped at several points along its route.


All in all, we considered the weekend efforts a success. Many have not forgotten Natalee. Many were reminded she still is missing. Many showed great interest in the case. And hopefully, many travel agents got the message that Natalee is still missing, so Aruba is NOT a safe place to travel. There even were some brochures brought into the Hilton. We believe the Aruban delegates were well aware we were there!


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