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June 30, 2007

New Orleans Travel Show … Natalee Holloway Aruban Protest … Justice for Natalee Holloway, Part I

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The New Orleans Travel Show is the latest effort by concerned individuals who want to remind those in NO - Aruba_traadeshowthe travel and vacation booking business that people have not forgotten Natalee Holloway nor what happened in Aruba and continues to this day with regards to a cover up and lack of justice.

Let the following efforts by those that wish to remind the travel industry that it is unacceptable for a tourist to go missing and have their investigation covered up. Aruba, is not a vacation option. There are far too many other places for people to spend their hard earned money on a vacation. Promote travel to New Orleans and help revitalize their economy following Hurricane Katrina.

Lowering a price for a ticket or a package deal is not an option … Tourism industry, the only option when dealing with Aruba is … JUSTICE FOR NATALEE!

The following are the personal accounts of those on the ground including Scared Monkeys members from New Orleans: (Hat Tip: Karo)

There was good exposure for the cause today in New Orleans! Although some protesters were unable to come, last minute, and there are just 3 of us, the banners and signs are being noticed and are as well placed as possible. (Some of them are shown on the photos below.) We can only place signs on public property and Hilton Hotel security made us take down a banner they thought was too close to their property. The World Trade Center made us move signs in their lawn, near the sidewalk. Otherwise, there were no problems.


(Click on brochure to enlarge)

People were walking up to us and talking about the case, asking questions. Some were arrogant or rude and refused to take the nice brochures we were passing out. Others seemed extremely interested in the case and very sympathetic to Natalee’s family. Several even made it a point to tell us THEY are not going to Aruba!

Among the most interesting people we spoke with was a travel agent from Aruba_boycottOntario who has 5 children and who showed a great deal of interest in this case. Another man, a Native American, works in the Caribbean as a boat captain, and he was VERY angry about the anti-American sentiment he encounters that when he goes to countries in the Caribbean…and about Natalee’s case.

We’ll be going back tomorrow and Sunday to continue our protest…

This Riverwalk entrance is next to the Hilton, where the travel agents are meeting. Many people are passing through this large gate and taking time to read the banners.

NO - Aruba_Tradeshow2

One of our cars is parked between Harrah’s Casino and the Hilton, and most attending the travel meetings have to pass by…on foot or by car.

As people cross the streets in 4 directions, to and from the meetings, they are faced with signs…and/or us.

More updates to follow …

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