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June 12, 2007

Woman Fakes Abduction Claims for a Free Car Ride

Posted in: Bizarre,Crime,WTF

Are you kidding? A woman faked abduction claims in order to get a free ride. What on Wtfearth is going on that people think its OK to waste the polices time, money and resources with fake abduction allegations while there are so many cases of missing, abducted and kidnappings? Could we please make it the same crime to falsely report an abduction as it is to “yell fire” in a movie theater or “say bomb” at the airport. This nonsense has to stop. There has to be a severe penalty for the waisting of our law enforcements time, especially when their resources are already stretched thin.

According to reports, a woman told police she was abducted while walking across the Marion Street Bridge in Bridgeport. She told police that a Chinese man driving a silver sport utility vehicle grabbed her, threw her into the car and drove down Interstate 70. She then said he dropped her off at the Sunco gas station near St. Clairsville. She made up the whole story to get a ride back home, according to police. (WTOV-9)

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