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March 02, 2005

RSS Feeds Read To You

Posted in: Main

Robert Scoble has an interesting link today as he slowly returns from his blog holiday.

I am a huge fan of RSS. It is a great tool for reading blogs, as it delivers the newest posts to your computer at intervals through the day. Dave Winer is the godfather of this movement, and if you are into reading weblogs, this will save you a ton of time, and broaden your horizons greatly. There are some sites I never visit, but read every word they write. I use Newgator, a program that works in Outlook and is outstanding.

A new program call NewsAloud reads the RSS feeds out loud to you. Interesting concept, but if you combine it with podcasting, you will have a real winner. Imagine listening to your favorite bloggers driving to work in the morning. Information Junkies Heaven!

And if you are interested in how Microsoft and the Tech world operates, there is no finer introductory source that Robert Scobles site. He is interesting, informative, and translates geek very well.

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