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May 16, 2007

Aruba Needs to Create Many Buffers in Order to Protect Tourists, Not just on the Ocean

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Aruba plans to create a buffer zone on the water due to the “dangerous situations that Keep_outtake place along the coast daily”. If Aruba is looking to protect tourists on the water they may want to think about protecting them other places as well on “One Happy Island”.

Aruba may want to create a “buffer zone” as well at places like Carlos n’ Charlies between American female tourists and those in Aruba that prey on them. If they had such measures maybe da pimps would not make it a sport to prey on females like they had done “20 times before”.

 – dutch boys hang around the bar drinking beer, they aren’t up to “smooth talking” the girls. On Aruba there are a lot of hot tourist girls ready for a 1 night stand or holiday romance. If a girl doesn’t take to you you will realize this pretty soon and move on. It is a lot easier than in the Netherlands.

- American girls are the loosest/wildest of the lot, Joran thinks it is due to the fact that you can buy a drink here when you are under 21 (American drinking age). Joran says in Aruba you can order a drink if you barely are taller than the bar itself. (excerpt from JVDS book)

Aruba 3 suspects

Or one can read Chapter 3 of Joran’s book: Going at out Carlos & Charlies.

As an aside, does anyone in Aruba have an forethought when they create service department names and acronyms? The name of the of the department that created the buffer zone is DIP? What’s next, the Aruba Sign Society?


(proposed Aruban buffer wall)

Amigoe; May 14, 2007:  Buffer-zone for vessels in sea  
These dangerous situations take place along the coast on a daily basis lately.

ORANJESTAD – The Infrastructure Service and Planning (DIP) has created a Aruba_MarriottWallbuffer zone for jetski’s and other motorized vessels in the seas between Divi Phoenix and the Amsterdam Manor hotel.  These vessels are allowed to sail in that area, but they have adjust their speed and avoid making waves.  

Anchorage is forbidden in this area, but they can drop off or pick up people.  The buffer zone is marked with buoys.  This way, the government can easily enforce the National Ordinance Public Waters and Beaches, which is to improve the safety on sea and on the beaches.  This is necessary, because the water traffic and the people that use the beach have increased.  It prevents accidents.  Quite a few government instances were involved with the project, like Shipping Administration, Legislation and Judicial Affairs, Public Works, DIP, and Independent Watersports Foundation (IWF) that has promised to cooperate and is helping the government with the further modernizing of the legislation.

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