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September 29, 2012

Obama Fails as Commander in Chief … Bloomberg National Poll Has Romney Ahead of Obama on Terrorism, 48% to 42% Following Benghazi-gate

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LOST IN SMALLNESS, THE FOREIGN POLICY EDITION: Following the terror attacks on the Libyan Consulate on the 11th anniversary of 9-11 and the continued unrest in the Middle East, don’t look now but Romney has taken the lead in the polls on terrorism. America needed a leader and instead they got a politician and a “Campaigner” in Chief.

America needed a leader, they got a joke instead

According to a recent Bloomberg poll, Romney now leads Obama 48% to 42% on terror.  Obama’s poll numbers on terror had strictly been driven off the death of Bin Laden and drone attacks. However, that was before the debacle of Libya and the subsequent attempt to play politics and cover it up. Benghazi-gate probably has much to do with this. Barack Obama and his Administration have much explaining to do to Congress and the American as to why there was not more security at US embassies in the Middle East on the anniversary of 9-11 and why Obama and his minion mouth pieces blamed a movie trailer on YouTube for the attacks and murder of the US Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. Even after they reportedly knew that it was a terror attack, they still blamed the trailer insulting the intelligence of everyone and the memory of those murdered. President Obama had a chance to act Presidential and be a leader, instead he decided to be the “Campaigner” in Chief instead, played politics and did a “Watergate” cover up of what really happened in Libya. Shameful.

The foreign-policy results of the new Bloomberg National Poll haven’t gotten much attention yet, but the survey contains some bad news for the Obama campaign. According to the poll, Mitt Romney has a 48-42 advantage over Barack Obama on the question of which candidate would be tougher on terrorism. Romney, in other words, has encroached on one of Obama’s signature strengths.

What makes this result so surprising is that the president has consistently trounced Romney when it comes to counterterrorism. A Fox News poll earlier this month found that 49 percent of respondents trusted Obama to do a better job than Romney in protecting the United States from terrorist attacks, compared with 41 percent who put their faith in the Republican candidate. The president had a 51-40 advantage on handling terrorism in an ABC News/Washington Post poll around the same time, and a 50-35 edge on carrying out the war on terror in an Ipsos/Reuters poll in August. The Democrats’ rare national-security muscle was on full display at their convention, where speakers boasted about the administration’s successful raid against Osama bin Laden and targeted killings of al Qaeda leaders.

More bad news for Barack Obama on the energy Independence and presidential diplomacy that has lowered his job approval rating.

The Bloomberg poll contains other grim findings for Obama — such as declining approval of the president’s diplomacy and a neck-and-neck battle between Obama and Romney on flashpoint campaign issues such as energy independence, Chinese trade practices, relations with Israel, and Iran’s nuclear program (61 percent of respondents were skeptical about Obama’s pledge to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon).

It will be interesting to see how America reacts to Obama’s lack of leadership following the US Embassy attacks and the death of four Americans. Following the horrific events Obama never once acted alike a president, instead he continued campaigning for reelection like nothing had occurred. This is especially offensive when we have come to learn that they knew 24 hours after the attacks that it was terror related. That was followed by Obama’s refusal to meet with the Israeli PM and instead go to campaign fundraiser, campaign events and ‘The View”?

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