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April 10, 2005

Tiger By The Tail?

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Who could not see this coming after watching Tiger Woods have a less than spectacular 1st round 74 in Augusta at The Masters? To watch the next couple of rain soaked days on Friday and Saturday we started to see the brilliance of Tiger. Upon seeing what was a partial 3rd round on Saturday to be finished up this morning I figured Tiger would be even or 1 to 2 back.

To even my surprise I awoke this morning to see the mastery that is Tiger Woods. With everyone wondering what has happened to Tiger Woods’ game; I guess the answer is, nothing.

In true Tiger Woods fashion by making the impossible looks routine; he is a man among boys. When his game is on there is nothing that can get in his way as seen by his 3rd round play.

UPDATE: Go here for all day MASTER’S LIVE Final Round Scores.

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