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September 01, 2012

Barack Obama, Leading from Behind … Obama Changes Schedule to Visit Louisiana, Guilted into It By Romney’s Visit to Gulf Coast to Tour Hurricane Isaac Damage

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Sorry, Barack Obama is not a President, he is not a Commander in Chief, he is an empty suit, elected on the false promise of “Hope & Change” and would rather campaign and fund raise as opposed to doing his job. It has been said over and over that Barack Obama does not lead, he follows. Obama, the President of the United States leads from behind.During this weeks RNC Convention, former Secretary of State Condi Rice said in a tremendous speech, “we cannot lead from behind”. Guess who she was referring to?

And I know too that there is weariness – a sense that we have carried these burdens long enough. But if we are not inspired to lead again, one of two things will happen – no one will lead and that will foster chaos — or others who do not share our values will fill the vacuum. My fellow Americans, we do not have a choice. We cannot be reluctant to lead – and one cannot lead from behind.

Yesterday, we reported that following the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, adjusted his campaign schedule and decided to tour Louisiana and the Hurricane Isaac storm damaged areas and meet with the affected people. Romney said, “I’m here to learn and obviously to draw some attention to what’s going on here”. Romney would do this along side Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. So it begs the question, where is Obama? Many on the LEFT whined and complained that the GOP should cancel their convention in Tampa, FL because of Hurricane Isaac. Instead, the GOP delayed the convention by an day and managed to push 4 days of activities into 3. What did Obama do? Well he continued to campaign as usual. The GOP convention was three years in the planning, Obama’s campaigning and fundraising, not so much. Barack Obama was business as usual and went to his campaign stops, but  Obama Says He Discussed Hurricane Isaac by Phone—From Plane. That’s mighty big of you. This coming from the “Hypocrite in Chief who criticized GWB for not visiting fast enough the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Some one needs to explain to me, better yet explain to the affected Hurricane Isaac individuals of the Gulf Coast, how in the hell the President of the United States did not visit the devastated areas of Louisiana before the GOP nominee? Mitt Romney changes his schedule to show his concern and visit with those who were affected by Isaac before Obama? Exactly which one is the President? We all know who should and will be President, but this is disgraceful.Talk about your Obama, leading from behind.

President Barack Obama was today forced to announce he will fly to storm-hit Louisiana on Monday – hours after Mitt Romney beat him to the punch by deciding to head there this afternoon.

After it emerged that Obama was still taking time to fit in a campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio, before checking out how clean-up operations are proceeding in the Bayou state, the Obama campaign abruptly cancelled that event, though he will still hold a rally in Toledo, Ohio before heading south.

But the Republican presidential candidate touched down in the Hurricane ravaged state this afternoon – a full three days before Obama – touring the flooded areas around Lafitte and showing his support for local residents.

So Obama had to be guilted by a Mitt Romney visit to Louisiana in order to schedule a visit himself? Because we all know what is most important to Barack Obama, campaigning and fundraising. But as reported at Hot Air, Obama’s mouth piece says they were visiting Louisiana all along on Monday. Sure he was, that’s why Obama had to adjust his schedule and cancel events in order to make the visit happen.

He was planning to visit on Monday all along, Jay Carney assured the press today, just, er, as soon as his campaign event in Ohio was over. Now the event is canceled and he’ll fly to Louisiana earlier. This is the same guy who spent the day that Isaac was pounding Louisiana out on the trail in Iowa, with a short break in the afternoon for a jaunty chat session on Reddit.

This is exactly what is meant by Obama’s leading from behind. This is an embarrassment and shows us the true character of both men. Romney, concerned and caring … Obama, forced to care because he was goaded into it. To the folks of News Orleans and the Gulf Coast, you can thank your lucky stars that Obama was not President when Katrina hit.

A question to American voters, which candidate cares about you? You have one, Romney, who purposely changed his schedule so to meet with those affected after a hurricane, you have another, Obama, who had to have his arm twisted to do so that he did not look like a complete uncaring, unsympathetic individual.

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