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August 29, 2012

Romney Gets 5% Bounce in Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research Poll in 9 Battle Ground States

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One Day RNC Romney Bounce …

One day after the beginning of the Republican National Convention and it appears that Mitt Romney has received a convention bounce. Romney received a 5 point bounce in his favorable rating according to data presented at a Wednesday breakfast sponsored by The Hill at the law offices of Holland & Knight.

Romney had a 43-percent favorable and 44-percent unfavorable rating in nine battleground states heading into the convention, according to an average compiled by Real Clear Politics.

A survey conducted by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research in nine battle ground states Tuesday evening found Romney’s favorable rating among likely voters had jumped to 48 percent. His unfavorable rating dipped to 39.

Wilson said the polling data indicated Romney’s image has improved after a day of action at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s speech had the biggest impact of the convention so far, and was more than twice as popular as Ann Romney’s remarks on Tuesday, according to the poll.

Twelve percent of respondents rated Christie’s speech as their favorite, compared to five percent who favored Romney’s, according to the poll.

What would one expect but a bump when the Ann Romney and Chris Christie speeches drew 23 million viewers.It was not just Ann and Christie, the GOP governors were awesome last night and Mia Love became an over night Republican rack star.

An estimated 22.3 million people tuned in to watch the first full night of the GOP convention last night, according to Nielsen, the ratings company. That was an increase of 800,000 viewers on the same night of coverage four years ago in St. Paul, Nielsen said.

It just shows how wrong and skewed the liberal media is as the Politico reported that Chris Cristie’s speech was a flop. Really? Sorry Politico, you have no idea what you are talking about. I am sorry if it was not a typical Christie town hall type meeting where he is screaming at the media or calling someone an idiot. The Keynote speech was intended to speak to the Independents. Screaming and brow beating Obama, who Christie never once mentioned his name, would have accomplished nothing. we know Obama is a failure, Christie’s job was to convince Indies why they should vote for Mitt Romney.

There is no mistaking what a successful keynote speech for Chris Christie would have looked and sounded like. There would have been an electric reaction from the crowd in the convention hall. It would have been followed by waves of effusive media commentary about how people had just heard the future of the Republican Party.

Judged by these standards, there is also no mistaking what the New Jersey governor delivered instead: A prime-time belly-flop, one that notably failed to clear either of those two high bars

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