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April 07, 2007

They Eat Their Own: Sheehan Now Blasting Democrats

Posted in: Iraq

Mediawhoring_for_dummies_sheehanYou knew this would happen, Cindy Sheehan thinks that she is the architect of the Democratic victory in the 2006 elections. Now she is demanding that the Democratic Party end the war in Iraq immediately, or face the consequences. 

“They got there and they betrayed the grass roots that put them back there,” she said. “We can’t depend on the Democrats.”
The Democrats are locked in a bitter struggle with Bush over an emergency war funding bill that would set a timetable calling for a withdrawal of US forces from the strife-torn country in 2008.
“The timeline is now, not 18 months, not two years,” said Sheehan.
The anti-war movement “lost a little momentum during the elections, but it’s picking up again” because “the Democrats aren’t really doing anything” to end the conflict, she said. via AFP

Now I would love to see ol Nancy Pelosi stay in the country and work on creating a peace accord for her own party instead of creating a mess in the Middle East. Of course, it may be that she see’s a better chance of success in the Middle East than in the Democratic Party.

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