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August 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Says Barack Obama Has Gave Up and ‘Admitted Defeat’ on the Economy

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File this one under, if the truth hurts …

Mitt Romney has accused President Barack Obama what many have thought for months … Obama has given up trying to fix the economy and “admitted defeat”. What else can you call what Obama has dome lately? The Presidents plan to stimulate the economy was an EPIC FAILURE. Obama’s payoff the “green energy” companies was an EPIC FAILURE. Obama’s job growth plan has been an EPIC FAILURE   As stated by the American Thinker, “President Obama has failed miserably in trying to “stimulate” the economy by pouring hundreds of billions of dollars in “investments” for green energy, infrastructure projects, and other temporary measures that have done nothing except drive up the deficit.”

Now with the Presidential election mere months away Barack Obama has basically given up and gone into full campaign mode, not that he has ever stopped doing so since he was elected in 2008. Obama has failed  and as The One said in the past he had 4 years to fix  the economy. If he did not, Obama would be a one term President. He has not even come close and his policies and agenda have made matters worse, not better.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused President Obama on Saturday of giving up on trying to fix the economy, saying he had “admitted defeat.”

In his weekly podcast, Romney pounced on a recent government report, which found that the unemployment rate rose in 44 states last month.

He accused Obama of blaming the “stalemate in Washington” instead of working to boost job creation.

“With millions of Americans hurting like never before, the President has admitted defeat. With five months to go before his term his up, he’s saying he won’t even try anymore,” Romney claimed.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president argued that he has the executive experience necessary to turn the economy around.

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