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August 15, 2012

More VP Joe Biden Gaffes … Refers to GOP VP Candidate as Governor Ryan, Then Does Not Know What Century We are In … Good Grief!

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Who can’t wait for the VP debate? It might be one of the most watched events ever for the train wreck that will ensue. It may be the first debate ever called on a count of the mercy rule.

Barack Obama’s VP Joe Biden was at it again on the campaign trail today. Although this time he was not accusing Republicans of putting Americans back in chains, instead Biden was calling the newly picked GOP Vice Presidential candidate by the wrong title and forgetting what decade we live in.

Yup, the gaffetastic Biden was at it again referring to Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-R), Mitt Romney’s VP running mate for the 2012 Presidential election as Governor Ryan. Um, I must have missed that in Ryan’s bio. Nope, no mention what-so-ever of Ryan being a governor. Wow, how do you mix up something as simple as this? It’s brilliance on the part of Mitt Romney, having picked a VP candidate with the last name beginning with an “R” to confuse Biden. Brilliance I tell you, just brilliant.

During a campaign stop at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va., Biden said, “Congressman Ryan and the congressional Republicans, as one person said, had all, have already passed in the Republican House what Governor Ryan is promising to give the whole nation.

“So in a sense folks it’s almost like running against another incumbent, like two incumbents running. By that I mean, we know for certain, we know for certain what the Republican Congress has been proposing the last four years – last two years has been Republican,” Biden said.

However, Anvil Joe Biden was not finished for the day. At a speech in Virginia Biden managed to forget what century we were in. WTH!!! Are you serious? Joe Biden opined, “Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?” Good grief. And this guy is a heart beat away from the Presidency huh? The MSM made such a big issue about Sarah Palin in the 2008 Presidential race about her gaffes and not being ready to assume the Presidency. As stated by the Lonely Conservative, and the MSM questions whether Ryan is fit for the office? OK, who here would feel safe if Biden had the launch codes?

I have finally come to realize why Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to be his running mate and continues to keep him as his wing man. Biden is such a screw up that he makes Obama look good. If Obama had ever picked a qualified candidate as his running mate, like Hillary Clinton, everyone would ask why she was not President and Obama was not relegated to dog catcher.

So the question is what to do with Joe? He is like the crazy uncle that you try to avoid at holiday dinners and hide the sharp utensils from. His gaffes are one thing but some of his viscous comments like putting “y’all back in chains” to a predominately black audience is quite something different. Of course a Republican would have been forced to resign if they had ever made such comments. It should come as a shock to no one there there is a political double standard. Many want Joe to go and have Obama replace him with another like Hillary Clinton. Why? Biden is doing the bidding of Obama. Personally, what is Biden doing that Obama has not? He is just trying to divide America. Isn’t that the Obama plan? After all, its not like Barack Obama can run on his record. Hope and Change is out the window and I hardly think Obama can ask “We the People” for four more years of +8% unemployment, record number of food stamp recipients, record debt and more laws passed against the will of the American people. When you cannot run on your record, its attack, attack attack, divide, divide divide. It would see that Biden is the perfect man for the job.

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