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March 06, 2007

Kathleen Feeney, American Tourist Missing in St Maarten Since March 1, 2007 (Update Found Safe)

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FYI: Many people have been searching for info on the most recent missing female American tourist in Saint Maarten and coming to an older missing person case. However, the link below provides information on the case of missing Leta Lynn Cordes.


 50 year old Kathleen Feeney, an American tourist visiting St Maarten is missing. She was last seen by her mother when Feeney arrived on St Maarten on the Carnival Cruise ship Imagination.


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Police spokesman Ricardo Henson said on Monday that Feeney had been seen last by her mother on March 1, after she arrived on the Carnival cruise ship Imagination.


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She was in the Philipsburg area, but when it was time for the ship to set sail she was nowhere to be found. Authorities say she was wearing black short pants, a black T-shirt, a black straw hat and white sneakers when she was last seen. (The Daily Herald)

UPDATE I: Missing cruise visitor found in good health

Fifty-year-old Kathleen Feeney of New Jersey in the United States of America (USA) told The Daily Herald just hours after she was found by police that the story of her going missing on the island was “just a mix-up.”

Although there was no crime involved and the missing New Jersey woman was found safe, another disturbing thing was brought up during this investigation. Exactly how was an individual allowed to move around without a passport? Isn’t this the reason why upgrades to passports were recently made. Sure Kathleen Feeney was just a victim of circumstance; however, I am sure there are others with the worst of intentions taking note of what she was able to do without having a passport.

She said she had simply missed her cruise ship the Carnival Valor on March 1 when she arrived on the island and after several failed attempts at getting an airline ticket at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA), she had rented a hotel room and stayed while trying to sift through the different pieces of information she had been given about how a person in her position would be able to travel, considering that her passport had been left on board the ship.

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