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March 06, 2007

Eric Johnson abducts his Child and Crashes Plane into Ex-Mother-in-Law’s House

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This is truly a bizarre and tragic story out of Indiana. It started off as a missing person case and became much worse. Almost at the very moment that Beth Johnson was reporting to police that her ex-husband had taken her daughter; the tragic plot was already set in motion. Eric Johnson abducts his 8 year old daughter, straps her into to his airplane and then crashes the two of them into his ex-In-laws home. Police believe that the act was intentional.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — By the time Beth Johnson rushed to tell police that she suspected her ex-husband had abducted their 8-year-old daughter, it was too late. Eric Johnson had already strapped Emily into the passenger seat of a leased single-engine Cessna and taken off, police said. Moments later, the aircraft slammed into the side of his former mother-in-law’s house.

Johnson, 47, and his daughter died in the crash, which investigators suspect was intentional. Federal authorities on Tuesday were in southern Indiana trying to figure out what led up to that devastating crash.

What lengths disturbed adults will go to get back at others. Its too bad that people like this can’t just fade away and start a new, instead they feel the need to destroy their ex-spouse by killing an innocent child. There is a special spot in hell reserved for you Mr. Johnson.

Bursten said eyewitness accounts of the plane’s movements just before the crash led police to suspect the crash was deliberate, as did the relationships involved.

“I thought he would do something to get back at Beth,” Pace said. “He was a very possessive person. He got what he wanted.”

UPDATE I: Husband spoke with Ex-Wife Prior to crash and stated, “You’re not going to get her,” before he crashed his plane in to his in-laws house killing himself and the 8 year old daughter.

BEDFORD, Ind. (AP) — Eric Johnson told his ex-wife, “You’re not going to get her,” shortly before the small plane he was piloting with his 8-year-old daughter crashed into his former mother-in-law’s house, killing them both.

The mother-in-law, Vivian Pace, wasn’t injured and told reporters outside her damaged home Tuesday about the phone call.

She said her daughter, Beth Johnson, was worried after young Emily didn’t show up for school after a weekend vacation with her father. She finally reached Eric Johnson by cell phone shortly before the crash.

“I’ve got her, and you’re not going to get her,” he told her, according to Pace.

UPDATE II: Police: Indiana Plane Crash That Killed Man, Daughter Was Intentional

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