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March 01, 2007

What Now in the Bahamas? Billy Wayne Smith Hires Attorney to Exhume his Son’s body (Exclusive)

Posted in: Anna Nicole Smith,Bizarre,Child Welfare,Judicial

Just when you thought things could not get any stranger? We have just learned the following from Larry Garrison of SilverCreek Entertainment, The NewsBreaker, that Billy Wayne Smith, the father of Daniel Smith who passed away from a drug overdose while visiting his mother in the Bahamas, has hired an attorney in the Bahamas to have his son’s body exhumed and brought back to Texas to be buried.

The circus continues. How is this going shake things up as Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral is supposed to tomorrow. Anna Nicole Smith stated she wanted to be buried next to son. What if his body is exhumed and moved to Texas?


EXCLUSIVE STORY PRIOR TO TMZ.COM … thank you for the attribution of a story provided to you. Oh, sorry … you neglected to provide one … NICE.



The Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez
Coroner of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
P.O. Box N-167
Nassau, New Providence

Dear Sir,
        RE: Request to Exhume the body of Daniel Wayne Smith, (Deceased)
               Date of Birth: 22nd January, 1986
               Date of Death: 10th September, 2006
        We act on behalf of Mr. Billy Smith of Limestone County Texas, one of the States of the United States of America. Mr. Billy Smith is the father and next of king of Daniel Wayne Smith (Deceased).
        We have been instructed and hereby formally request permission to have the remains of Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) exhumed from its current location here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to be transferred where his father and family resides in the State of Texas.
        As you are aware Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) died within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on the 10th day of September A.D., 2006. We are cognizant that the coroner’s inquest will begin sometime this month as the cause of death has not been determined. However we humbly as [sic] that you consider this formal request.
        Kindly acknowledge this formal request by signing, sealing and returning the enclosed copy to our chambers.
                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                THE FIRM
                                                Kara S.P. Butler

UPDATE: TMZ reader … please note that this is an “as is” cut & paste doc. Any misspellings are they way it was received. We do not spell check info received, that would be altering an original source. Don’t kill the messenger although attribution would have been expected and appreciated.

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