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July 07, 2012

OUT OF TOUCH, a Disaster for the US Economy … Barack Obama Says 80,000 Jobs is a “Step in the Right Direction” … Romney Says “Its a Kick in the Gut”, You Make the Call America

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If this is a step in the right direction for the American economy … Obama needs to keep stepping right out the door of the White House in 2012 election.

WAKE UP AMERICA … Either President Barack Obama is the most out of touch with the people President ever, or he is just a bold face liar who thinks the American people are stupid. Following yesterday’s disastrous jobs report that say a meager 80,000 jobs created in the month of June and unemployment remained at 8.2%, President Barack Obama actually had the audacity to say that this was “a step in the right direction. HUH? From what the even more pathetic and anemic jobs numbers from April and May 2012 where April was revised from +77,000 to +68,000, and the change for May was revised from +69,000 to +77,000? In the last three months under the  Obama administration, the economy has created a paltry 225K jobs or an average of 75K per month.

This is what another 4 years of Obama looks like … 80,000 jobs nearly 4 years in Office is a step in the right direction

Make no mistake about it America, the job growth situation is getting worse not better. Did I miss something, Obama says in the VIDEO above in commenting about the poor jobs numbers that 84,000 were created. He cannot even seem to tell the truth about that as he did not use the total number created which was 80K (businesses created 84,000 while government lost 4,000). A note to the smartest President ever, 84,000 – 4,000 = 80,000.  Even if you are to take Obama at his spin and cherry pick the numbers, he states that 4.4 million jobs have been created over the past 28 months. Hmm … that averages to about 157,000 a month much below the last three months of jobs growth that are at best 50% of the average, April 68,000, May 77,000, and June 80,000. How could anything in job growth be a step in the right direction when the numbers just do not show it. At this rate we should be out of the recession just before the Rapture.

The private sector, which was expected to have created as many as 110,000 jobs, generated a mere 84,000, less than half the 176,000 forecast just yesterday by an ADP report. Only some of the most aggressive hiring by local governments in months — presumably for summer work — helped keep the overall jobs numbers from falling further. Local governments added 18,100 new workers.

June capped the worst quarter in two years for hiring, and was way off the average of 226,000 monthly new jobs in the first quarter. From April through June the U.S. economy averaged 75,000 new jobs a month, a mere 3,000 ahead of 2010 and far behind last year’s average of 130,000.

Mitt Romney Calls today’s 80,000 jobs created reports a “kick in the gut”

Obama is so quick to say that Romney’s plan for the economy is going back to the Bush years. I would dare ask, and so should the American people and the MSM, what is Obama’s plan … 4 more years of this nonsense?

There is a reason why in the latest Rasmussen poll that only 31% of Americans give Barack Obama positive marks on handling the economy. A delusional 12% true believers who must be socialist-anarchists or the most ignorant individuals in America that want to see America implode actually said Obama was doing an excellent jobs. Then again, maybe these are the folks that received “green” energy stimulus and grants at the tax payers expense? Inn another Rasmussen poll, 50% trust Romney with the economy more vs. only 42% for Obama.

The economy has been the most important issue to voters for years, but ratings for the president’s performance in that area are at their lowest level since last November.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows just 31% of Likely Voters believe President Obama is doing a good or excellent job handling economic issues, including 12% who say he is doing an excellent job. Forty-eight percent (48%) believe Obama is doing a poor job in this area. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

At what point is America going to punish Barack Obama in the polls for his disastrous handling of the number one issue for Americans, the economy? It is obvious that Obama’s policies are not working. Also, when is anyone going to question why Obama focused so much on Obamacare during the first two years of his Presidency than the economy and jobs? Instead, President Barack Obama continues his class warfare  bus tour message to folks that just drink the Kool-aid and brush off a a second quarter that saw only 224,000 jobs created … an amount that we should be seeing created in a month.

“Mr. Romney and his allies in Congress, they’ve got a particular view,” Obama said in Parma. “They believe if we cut taxes, especially for the wealthiest Americans [at the expense of education, Medicare and other programs] that somehow all this is going to benefit you.”

“I’ve got a different theory,” Obama continued. “I think they’re wrong.”

And hence the Betting on America theme. Obama presented himself as a president who has invested in working Americans, citing his support of the federal loans to Chrysler and General Motors.

One thing is for certain, Mitt Romney must come out with an economic plan of how he differs from Obama and what he will do when he becomes President to turn the US economy around. It can’t just be he will repeal Obamacare. It does not have to have all details, but Romney must create a bullet point presentation to the American people that will show what he will change and the effective job growth. Barack Obama is there for the taking because no President should ever be reelected with a continued over 8% unemployment rate and no plan for the future.

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