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April 07, 2005

Clinton Wishes His Legacy Was Like the Pope

Posted in: Main,Politics

You ever get that feeling that Clinton has become like that uncle at family functions that everyone just tries to avoid as everything that he says and does is just too damn embarrassing?

Clinton en route to Rome aboard Air Force One told reporters about the Pope, He’s like all of us – he may have a mixed legacy.” I knew there was a reason why I had wished GWB had gone with my choices for his invited guests to the Pope’s funeral. What is wrong with Clinton? He had an issue with his heart, not his brain. The inappropriateness of his answer, “He’s like all of us,” was only furthered by his joking of “turkey burgers. There is a time and a place for certain behavior. Oh and by the way President Clinton, the Pope is nothing like you.

The idea that Clinton with all his personal scandals would ever put himself in the same light as Pope John Paul II is something that would only cause lighting to strike near oneself. I hate to break it to you Bill, but Pope John Paul II actually took part in and had a major role in the end of Communism. What was it on your slate that was comparable? The motor-voter bill?

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