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April 06, 2005

Gay Marriage, Going Nowhere, Fast

Posted in: Main,Politics

Earlier in the week we wrote on the upcoming vote on Gay marriage in Kansas, ‘Kansas Preemption On Gay Marriage’. Yesterday, the people of Kansas overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage, 70 to 29 percent. When Courts can determine the outcome of laws and not the people, the people will always take it upon themselves to right that wrong. The Kansas vote on Tuesday was just one in a long line of similar actions taken recently by voters. Jayson at PoliPundit has a list of those States and an interesting “political” take:

“…but it won’t change that pure political reality. Yet, the more states which go ahead and directly vote to ban recognition of those unions, by overwhelming, super-majorities, no less, the louder the proponents thereof continue to shout that they’re “inevitable,” and a “winning issue,” politically speaking, from their standpoint.”blockquote>

This would very much seem to be the case and is going to in turn infuriate the electorate. Initially gay activists claimed that their side was gaining momentum and it may take years, but Americans will come around. Others and myself had the notion that gaining such rights in the Courts would cause a backlash and as Citizen Smash stated … “It’s going to be Ugly“.

The continued pushing of such an overly-unpopular cause may even cause people to go against civil unions as well. The trend is obvious as seen in the latest Gallup poll. Also, there are three more states, Alabama, South Dakota and Tennessee with anti-gay marriage proposals on the ballot in 2006. This does not bode well for any Democrats that may be up far election in these states.

When the people have spoken so resoundingly there comes a point where one normally pulls back, regroups and then either formalize a new plan or discontinues. The gay marriage activists these days have come to resemble a futile and suicidal frontal assault charge out of the trenches during WWI. They would probably do well to rethink their strategy and stop their denial before the law of unintended consequences ends even the talk of civil unions.

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