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April 06, 2005

The Head Of the Labor Dept Doesn’t Work?

Posted in: Main,Politics

Some stories just by their comical and unbelievable facts makes one scratch their head and wonder. It would appear that the MA State Director of the Department Labor does not work.

Governor Mitt Romney yesterday ordered Angelo R. Buonopane to pay $20,000 in restitution to the state for unauthorized time off taken by Buonopane since January 2004

Globe report Sunday that showed Buonopane worked less than three hours a day.

The Globe story found that Buonopane, who earns $108,000, had no obvious duties.

Kimball called compelling the evidence presented in the Globe story that Buonopane arrived late at his office, took long lunches, and left early.

Yeah, so? Sounds like any one of my old manager and second line managers when I worked in Corporate America. What was really interesting was the comment,

However, Kimball added: ”It’s not a fire-able offense. It’s not active malfeasance, not failure to perform duties.

He has a point. How can one be fired for being malfeasant and failed to perform their duties if as previously reported by the Globe, “Buonopane, who earns $108,000, had no obvious duties.” If one has no job description, how can one be derelict in them?

On a serious note its just another example of rewarding political favors that both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of. However, you guys may not want to make it look so obvious.

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