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January 26, 2007

Democratic Candidate John Edwards and his Two Americas … He is the Common Man in his 28K Sq Ft Home

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Past Democratic VP nominee and now Presidential candidate, John Edwards constantly talks of the divisive two America’s when stumping for his campaign. He boasts of the have and the have nots. The man actually goes out of his way to dress down and pretend he is a regular guy when he announced he was running in 2008. Edwards talks of corporate greed and excess.  Gee, Mr. Edwards … which America do you live in? Let’s see how the common man John Edwards lives. Hypocrite!!!


RALEIGH — Presidential candidate John Edwards and his family recently moved into what, according to county tax officials, is the most valuable home in Orange County. The home, which includes a recreational building attached to the main living quarters, also is probably the largest in the county.

“The Edwardses’ residential property will likely have the highest tax value in the county,” Orange County Tax Assessor John Smith told . He estimated that the tax value will exceed $6 million when the facility is completed.

The rambling structure sits in the middle of a 102-acre estate on Old Greensboro Road west of Chapel Hill. The heavily wooded site and winding driveway ensure that the home is not visible from the road. “No Trespassing” signs discourage passersby from venturing past the gate.

Don Knight, Orange County building plans examiner, told CJ that, including the recreational building, the Edwardses’ home would be one of the largest in Orange County.

Knight approved the building plans that showed the Edwards home totaling 28,200 square feet of connected space. The main house is 10,400 square feet and has two garages. The recreation building, a red, barn-like building containing 15,600 square feet, is connected to the house by a closed-in and roofed structure of varying widths and elevations that totals 2,200 square feet.
(Carolina Journal)

Two Americas Speech

“Today, under George W. Bush, there are two Americas, not one: One America that does the work, another America that reaps the reward. One America that pays the taxes, another America that gets the tax breaks. One America that will do anything to leave its children a better life, another America that never has to do a thing because its children are already set for life. One America — middle-class America – whose needs Washington has long forgotten, another America – narrow-interest America – whose every wish is Washington’s command. One America that is struggling to get by, another America that can buy anything it wants, even a Congress and a President.”

I hate to inform you Mr. Edwards, but you are the people that you rail against in your speech.

I think we all remember who the real John Edwards is … Does he still feel pretty?


UPDATE: FAQ – John Edwards’ New House from Hugh Hewitt!

But I’ve always felt that Edwards is a phony. I don’t call him an empty suit – that’s too generous. I refer to him as a suit filled with anti-matter. It’s a bit hard to believe that someone who is actually obsessed with the plight of America’s downtrodden would devote so much energy and so many resources to building a home fit for a modern Medici. I just don’t buy it.

10) Will this hurt him? (Seems that Hugh and SM are on the same page … Edwards is a complete phony)

Yes. It reveals him to be a phony even more effectively than that video of him combing his hair for over a minute did. By the way, if you haven’t seen that video, you really owe it to yourself to check it out.



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