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January 24, 2007

What is Going On in Our Schools? 4 Year Old Boy Put in ‘Body Sock’ as Punishment

Posted in: Bizarre,Child Welfare,Education

The title should really be … “WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION”

I guess academia even as young as kindergarten thinks they can raise your children better than you.

So now schools are putting children in “Body Socks” as forms of punishment. What’s next, LegIronsleg irons? If teachers and schools are entrusted with our children for a greater part of a day, one would think that maybe they would have the social skills to deal with children. What right do they have to use methods of punishment on children that parents are not even aware of? What else are you doing that parents are unaware of?

We realize that children can get out of control sometimes; however, can we use some common sense? You have no right to punish a child in a manner in which parents have no knowledge. I sense a lawsuit coming soon to a Pinellas County court near you.


A Pinellas County School put a 4 year old boy in a “Body Sock” as a form of punishment. The problem is twofold:

  • The Body Sock is not really intended to be used on children as a form. It is designed for occupational therapy for autistic children.
  • The parents were never sold by the school that any such thing would be used as Body sockpunishment.

Recently, some school pre-kindergarten teachers came under fire when parent Patrick Holt complained that a “body sock” was used on his 4-year-old son without his permission.

“I don’t like it at all,” Holt said. “I don’t think it should be used on anybody.”

The manufacturers said the “body sock” is designed to help children explore three-dimensional space. And, an occupational therapist said the “body sock” is primarily meant for autistic children. (Local 6)

However, Holt’s son is not disabled.

In typical school board manner (CYA), the Pinellas County School Board ruled that what the teachers did was perfectly fine to do even though “they admitted the parents were not aware of the body sock and its use on their child.” I hardly doubt you will have the same feeling once the parents of this child sues the School Board.

Interesting, the school sent letters to parents after the incident occurs stating the following. Can the school explain how a 4 year old is supposed to differentiate between being placed in this sock is not a punishment? Read the full story of the incident that the mother witnesses.

The letters describe how the district uses the Body Sox, a stretchy bag made of thin, colorful fabric. It is sometimes used to help calm children, boost their creativity and improve “awareness of their body in space,” the district says.

It is not used to discipline or restrain children, said Carol Thomas, an assistant superintendent.

The main point here is information, communication and choices. A school and a teacher has no right to do to children what they see fit. Especially when the parents are unaware that such circumstances exist. There is something fundamentally wrong that the school only sent letters out after the fact. Since the incident the family has transferred their 4 year old son out of the school to one that uses “time outs”. Choices come from provided information.

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