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March 01, 2005

The Socialist Republic of Vermont

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Back when Blue stood for Republican there used to be no bluer than VT. In 1968 we voted for Nixon. From 1972 thru 1988 VT voted Republican. Until Clinton in 1992, VT had not voted Democrat since ’64 LBJ.

Vermont was a Republican strong hold and I was proud to have been born & raised there. Now this, a disgrace beyond all disgraces which gives rise to the reason why Dean was its Governor recently and it is affectionately called, The Socialists Republic of Vermont.

With all the successes that the US military has had in Iraq and they snow ball effect of democracy in to other Middle Eastern countries. Now these cowards in VT want to pull out their National Guard.

I am embarrassed to say i was born and raised there. I did not leave VT, VT left me.

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