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January 19, 2007

Irony In Aruba: Beach Boys, An Over the Hill Band Closes Aruba’s Caribbean Marketplace 2007

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Caribbean Marketplace 2007 came to an end in Aruba and with it came a performance from an over the hill band who’s time has long since past, The Beach Boys. Talk about a band that just needs to hang it up and give the singing a break. There is nothing more tragic than a music group that just does not know when to stop. Then again Lionel Richie performed in Aruba as well.


How ironic that Aruba would close their Caribbean Marketplace 2007 with a band best known for past accomplishments with no real future. Who will the band be next year, Milli Vanilli, George Michael, Boy George or Vanilla Ice? Here is how out of touch Aruba is with the world and pop culture. They think its a good idea that The Beach Boys sing at this signature event because of one song from 1988, Kokomo and that Aruba is referenced in it. The fact is that most people think its one of the most annoying songs ever written and Kokomo also is a part of VH1’s 40 Most Awesomely Bad #1 Songs. Oops … some market research may be in order.

“Kokomo” has appeared on several “worst song” lists, including VH1′s “40 Most Awesomely Bad No. 1 Songs”. Puppetshow

We certainly hope they remembered to put the Beach Boys before the Puppet Show on the Billboard. How many times must we tell them?

The other fact that the song Kokomo was from 1988, a time in which Aruba actually had tourists is not lost in the irony either. Having a washed up band like the Beach Boys play, who hang on to any past form of glory, grasping at popularity and attention is quite prophetic. Sound like any Caribbean island we know?

ORANJESTAD – The Caribbean Marketplace 2007 concluded with a gigantic party on the beach in front of Bucuti Beach Resort, with a performance of the legendary group The Beach Boys as highlight.  There are only three members left of the original band of the sixties.  These three ‘boys’ are now being accompanied by singers/musicians of a much younger generation.  But they kept the original sound.

Bringing that band to Aruba for the conclusion of the Marketplace was a good idea, because their Kokomo Song, in which Aruba is mentioned first from a number of Caribbean islands, was a hit for a very long time and is still being played on a regular basis.  Caribbean Mercantile Bank made the performance of this band financially possible.  The Beach Boys entertained young and old for about hour and a half.  The participants could go home with an unforgettable experience. (Amigoe)

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