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January 19, 2007

“Nanny Government” … California No Spanking Bill on its way to your Home

Posted in: Child Welfare,Crime,Politics,WTF

So now the Government wants to come into your home and tell you whether or not you canNospank spank your child. Because politicians are supposed to know how to raise your children better than you. Yes, “nanny government” is on its way to invade the sanctity of your homes California. Define irony … when a parent can get sentenced to more jail time for reprimanding their child than a convicted child molester like in Vermont. Is that irony, or just disgustingly pathetic?

Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, a Mountain View Democrat who is crafting the measure, said corporal punishment is victimizing helpless children and contributing to a society “addicted to violence.” (Sac Bee)

Not just spanking, but slapping, smacking, whacking or kicking also would be outlawed. A society addicted to violence. As opposed to a government addicted to interfering in people’s personal lives where they don’t belong? This isn’t even a matter of being pro or against spanking a child. Its a matter of government staying the hell out of our personal lives.

Lieber said passage of her bill could prompt a supermarket shopper, for example, to approach a fellow shopper who is spanking a child and warn, “That’s against the law in California.”

It is already a crime to abuse, hurt or injure children. Maybe the government should pass Slapping_farnsworthharsher laws against those that would hurt, molest or sexually assault children. There’s an idea. We are all for protecting children, a no spanking law is hardly the answer.

What a novel concept that we actually go after the predators who harm children and leave parents alone who wish to raise their children as they see fit. Maybe the answer is that if a “no spank” bill is passed … can we in turn slap the politicians?

57% would oppose such a bill, while only 23% would support it. The real question, aside from the absurdity of the bill, how does one enforce it? Is there a certain severity of spanking? Paul Henderson, SF DA, shows the ridiculousness of the bill. He is for a “no spanking” law, yet he states … “If you’re going to spank your child, you need to know the limit.” What limit? Doesn’t no mean no? So there is a limit to how hard you can spank, slap, smack, whack or kick? Are we supposed to have color codes to spanking like terrorism threat levels?

The proposed law would make spanking a child under 3 misdemeanor child abuse, an extension of current corporal punishment laws.

Violators could spend a year in jail, and pay up to $1000 in fines. Enforcement is unclear.

San Francisco assistant district attorney Paul Henderson prosecutes child abuse cases, and he welcomes a no spanking law.

“If you’re going to spank your child, you need to know the limit,” said Henderson, “and you need to know that doing it in a way that’s cruel or traumatic causes injury, and that you could be prosecuted.”

The good people of CA can tell her what you think of this bill here. (Keep it polite & clean).

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