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January 18, 2007

Snow in Malibu – Tin Ear Pelosi Calls For Global Warming Committee

Posted in: Politics,weather

Mount_lagunaWell, you can say this about liberals, they sure do not have a good sense of timing. The day after there is record cold on the west coast (Snow in Malibu!) and people are dying across the country from a horrific storm, Nancy Pelosi introduces her global warming committee to stop global warming.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to create a special committee Thursday in an effort to jump-start long-delayed government efforts to deal with global warming and produce a bill by Independence Day.
Pelosi, D-Calif., said the committee would hold hearings and recommend legislation on how to reduce greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuels, that most scientists blame for a gradual warming of the earth’s climate.
“I promise to do everything in my power to achieve energy independence … and to stop global warming,” Pelosi said.  via BREITBART.COM

First, the cabal against global warming is one of the most anti US groups out there. Did you ever wonder why the same people screaming about jobs going overseas to China are the same ones expecting the United States to adhere to the Kyoto Treaty, but not the Chinese? C’mon folks, it is another “lets knock the United States down a peg” internationalist move.

Ranting-al-goreRemember, when it is snowing in Malibu, global warming might be just a state of mind. Which reminds me, the phenomenon is called the Gore Effect:

The well documented phenomenon that leads to very low, unseasonal temperatures, driving rain, hail, snow or all of the above whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global “warming”. Hence the “Gore Effect.”

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