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January 14, 2007

Child Pleads For Return Of Video Tapes of Dead Mother

Posted in: Child Welfare,Crime,WTF

Worthington_Videotape_Stolen_2Thieves broke into a Michigan home and took more than valuables, they stole the last memories of a young boy of his mother. Amongst the electronics that were stolen were a video the mother made for her son just before he died.

Dabbing his eyes with tissues, Theo Worthington made and emotional plea. “Please bring the tapes back.” He captured the attention of the country, his grandmother Carla Worthington cannot believe the response,
“From Texas, and from Virginia and from Pennsylvania just everywhere.”
The thieves who burglarized the Worthington home took electronics and video taped messages made for Theo by his dying mother Melanie. Theo’s grandmother contacted the media hoping for a miracle. In less than 24 hours phones at the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department are ringing off the hook. Thousands of dollars in pledges from coast to coast are being offered as reward money. “Hopefully that outpouring of concern will turn into somebody calling with information to the whereabouts of the tape,” said Lieutenant Mark Bennett.
While investigators look at new leads, Theo and his family are waiting for their prayers to be answered. But they’re prepared if it doesn’t happen. via WZZM 13 Grand Rapids, Michigan

If there is anything that can be done here are some contacts for you to call or use.

You can also call:
Eastern Ottawa County Silent Observer
Tips: 1-800-825-0221

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department
Reward Inquiries: 1-888-731-1001 Extension: 4687

Reward Donations Can Be Mailed To:

Eastern Ottawa County Silent Observer
289 Danforth Street
Coopersville MI 49404
Attention: Worthington Tapes



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