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January 11, 2007

Ontario Canada Tourist, Adam DePrisco’s Death in Mexico Questioned … Hit & Run or Beating?

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The death of Adam De Prisco from Ontario Canada in Acapulco Mexico is being questioned by his Adam_depriscoparents. Adam DePrisco died in a Mexican hospital last Monday night after being reportedly struck by a car in a “hit & run”. The family thinks otherwise.  Is this another situation in Canada similar to the Ianiero case? Is this yet another cover up of a North American tourist? This grieving family deserves answers.

The family initially believed he was hit by a car, but now believe he was beaten after speaking to DePrisco’s traveling companion, Marco Calabro.

  However, DePrisco’s family think there is a cover up. Sound familiar? Also, the family claims that their son was beaten to death after dancing with a local man’s girlfriend in an Acapulco night club.

Mexican authorities say DePrisco was struck by a car after leaving a nightclub but the family believes he was beaten after dancing with a local man’s girlfriend.

  Overwhelmed with grief, DePrisco’s mother Carm and father Benny, have been staying with relatives, unable to return to a home filled with pictures and memories of their son. They have made dozens of phone calls to Mexican and Canadian authorities, but still don’t believe their son’s death is getting the attention it deserves. “I want these guys found,” said DePrisco’s older brother Tony at his uncle’s home Tuesday. “It seems like everybody is trying to cover up what happened.” “There’s no clear indication as to what happened and it seems like no one wants to help us find answers,” said DePrisco’s aunt, Lucy Defilippis-Pannozzi.


(Toronto Star)

Adam DePrisco’s family grieves as they look for answers and the truth

Adam DePrisco was supposedly dancing with a local woman at the Paladium nightclub when a man became upset. DePrisco was then thrown out of the dance club by a bouncer.  Adam DePrisco was found outside the club bleeding from his head.

A bouncer threw DePrisco from the bar, the family believes. When Calabro went looking for him, he found his friend on the ground outside the club, bleeding from his head, said Tony DePrisco.

Police in Acapulco said DePrisco’s injuries were typical for someone struck by a car. But the family suspects he would have suffered more than head injuries if hit by a car. (Canada.com)

Mysterious death of Canadian in Mexico leaves family desperate for answers

The conflicting accounts of how the Woodbridge, Ont., man died, and the yet unsolved murders of fellow Woodbridge residents Domenic and Nancy Ianiero in Cancun last February, have left DePrisco’s parents fearful that the truth will never be known.

Pannozzi said they’re calling on Ottawa to play a role.

“We don’t need to have this keep happening, people need to know that Mexico is unsafe,” said the 23-year old. “What my family is trying to do is get that message out… they do believe the Canadian government has a role.”    The head injuries DePrisco sustained were so severe that his best friend and travel companion, Marco Calabro, didn’t immediately recognize him, said Pannozzi.

Calabro, thinking that the body he saw lying in a pool of blood outside the club was not his friend’s, frantically ran back to the hotel in search of DePrisco. (Winnipeg Free Press)

UPDATE I: De Prisco’s Room Robbed Before He Died

The story gets even more puzzling as the room that Adam De Prisco was staying in was robbed before he died. This is a PR nightmare for Mexico as they own this family answers. They owe us all answers.

But now the Woodbridge teen has to deal with the fact that while Adam De Prisco lay dying in a Mexican hospital, someone was ransacking the boys’ hotel room.

“They took the camcorder off me,” he laments. “The last memories I have of Adam.”

He believes the thieves also tried to break into the safe and take the duo’s passports.

It was another shock to the young man who has already had to process so much in so short a time. (City News)

What are they hiding?

The family has demanded the hotel show them the security video taken that night, but officials with the resort have so far refused.

UPDATE II: Family Awaiting Further Tests After Autopsy On Adam De Prisco

The agonizing wait for answers in the death of 19-year-old Adam De Prisco will continue for a few more weeks for his grieving family. De Prisco’s uncle, Sandro Bellio, confirmed Sunday that the Ontario Coroner’s preliminary findings suggest the teen was killed by a car. The family insists he was beaten to death outside the Acapulco nightclub he attended a week ago. (City News)

UPDATE III: Canadian Government Gets Involved In De Prisco Case

UPDATE IV: De Prisco Family Readies For Funeral While Disputing Autopsy Findings

What began as vocal disdain and distrust of the Mexican government has now snowballed into a growing frustration with Canadian politicians for Carmen De Prisco, whose son Adam was killed in Mexico under suspicious circumstances. “I hate being a Canadian because I haven’t seen nobody from the government doing anything at all. They don’t care,” the grieving mother vented.  Despite a Canadian coroner’s report that corroborated Mexican claims that the teen was killed after being struck by a car, the family maintains he was beaten to death after dancing with a local man’s girlfriend at a popular nightclub. They are not wavering from their stance that Adam was murdered, but say they want to focus on planning a funeral and grieving their loss. (City News)

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