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March 01, 2005

Divorce Was Always An Option

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Divorce was always an option! Those fateful words were screamed by Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson’s mom, to Scott Peterson at the sentencing. A bereaved mother who proclaimed the obvious, why kill her daughter and grandchild when Scott could have just walked away.

Not less than 6 months later we are being presented with the same scenario again. However, this time murder rather than divorce seems to be what the Courts want to see. The individual responsible for ending his wife’s life will not go to jail, but instead be rewarded. When there is a question between life & death, since when have we erred on the side of death? In an effort to have custody taken away from Terri’s husband, Terri’s family is requesting that there be a divorce granted.

In a rather peculiar twist of fate I was just discussing this exact issue a couple weeks ago with a friend prior to any news of this as to why no lawyer has tried to severe the guardianship issue with divorce. Here we have a husband that has neglected the medical welfare of his wife, with held medical treatment, refused medical testing, committed adultery and fathered children with another woman while married to Terri Schiavo. If this is not grounds for divorce I am really not quite sure what is.

The irony will be when Terri’s family says that she was contemplating divorce prior to her accident that left her in the condition she is in. Why are we or Judge Greer not to believe that such a statement was made? He is already considering the hearsay statement from Michael Schiavo that Terri told him that she would not want to be living in this condition as the truth. Judge Greer might have some explaining to do, not that he already doesn’t.

The question is what does one do when their spouse commits adultery and father two children with another women while still married? Simple, they get a divorce.

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