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April 03, 2005

John Edwards, Will Work for Media Attention

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“John Edwards says politics have taken a back seat since last year, after a series of setbacks and changes set his life on a dramatically different course”.

Former Senator Edwards seemed to take his Senate responsibilities to the people of NC a back seat as well for 6 years. Does any common sense thinking person actually think that Edwards actually had a chance of winning the Democratic nomination or that he would serve as some catalyst to help John Kerry win the Presidency?

How? Edward’s couldn’t win re-election for his Senate seat in NC, how was he going to be some effective Son of the South to a Blue blood Northeast Liberal like Kerry? Edwards at best juvenile behavior during the Vice President debates should have scared the living hell out of people, not to mention his failed interviewed with Tim Russert on Meet The Press that showed Edwards was a political novice at best. And yet another interview on Meet The Press. Take a look at the live blogging that was going on during the interview. Interesting that the Democratic answer to winning politics is appoint any Southern Democrat for office and somehow they will win because they are Southern. No wonder this Party does not comprehend Southern Politics these days.

Edwards should just get comfortable in his private like because the next time he ever gets the notion of running, this will be the first ad on TV.

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