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December 22, 2006

Denver Airport Still A Mess – Christmas Traveling Nightmares

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A freak blizzard dumped 20 inches of snow on Denver International Airport essentially shutting it down for the past 2 days. It will be reopening on a limited basis today. That is an inconvienance on a typical week, but with it being the Christmas travel season, and Denver being the 5th busiest airport in the country, it has made a mess out of the transportation grid for the holidays.

So if you are flying this Christmas, take extra time to get where you are going. And also, as a special favor, be extra kind to those working for the airlines. My wife is a flight attendant working over Christmas and will be away from our family so yours gets their safely. She and all the others working on the holiday would appreciate the kind words.

More than 2,000 flights have been canceled, according to airline officials, creating a ripple effect that disrupted air travel around the country as the holiday crush began to build.
Two of the airport’s six runways were set to open first, followed by a third runway Friday night. For those stranded in Denver and flying standby because they were unable to rebook a flight, finding a spot on crowded planes filled with holiday travelers could prove impossible this weekend.
Frontier spokesman Joe Hodas said the airline has 65,000 bumped passengers to move systemwide and the airline is already 90 percent booked for the holidays. “Do the math,” he said.
United Airlines spokesman Jeff Kovick said it could be days before some people are able to get a flight out. “We’re asking for their patience as we work to get people where they need to be as soon as we safely can,” he said.
Near the cardboard shelter, cobbled together from boxes that workers used to carry blankets to hand out to stranded passengers, Jackson, Wyo., teacher Joanna Snyder and others searched in vain for information.
“It’s all rumor,” she said. via My Way News

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