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December 19, 2006

The Fear Of Christmas Engulfs Retail This Year

Posted in: WTF

Merry_christmasBusiness Week  has an interesting article out on how retailers want all the income from Christmas but are afraid of the holiday. I think they nailed it. If a retailer went all out with a big CHRISTMAS sale instead of this Holiday malarky they probably would win on the public relations from and also make a boatload of money.

It used to be that people wrung their hands about the over-commercialization of Christmas. These days we have almost the opposite problem—Christmas is disappearing entirely. Advertisers still want the huge spike in sales that Christmas provides but they’re afraid to acknowledge the holiday itself.
It’s almost funny to watch them trip over themselves trying to find politically correct substitutions as they avoid saying the dreaded “C” word. But “happy holidays” and “season’s greetings” only go so far. They sound hollow and synthetic, and that kind of approach is no way to build a connection with your target audience.
It seems companies have become so afraid of offending some mythical person out there that they’re unwilling to express their true sentiments. After 20 years in the advertising business there’s one thing I’ve learned: Every ad is offensive to someone. Still, I find it a stretch to think that wishing your customers a “Merry Christmas” is going to set somebody off. And if it does, well, there’s a word for them: Scrooge. via BusinessWeek.

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