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December 17, 2006

Kerry In Irak – Soldiers Dining With Him Ask For “HALP”

Posted in: Military,Politics,War on Terror


The poor soldiers who have to dine with Kerry. You remember him, don’t you?

After John Kerry’s denigrating remarks about our soldiers, he is on his rehabilitation tour of Irak. He desperately wants to be President and figured that a meal with the troops would get his image back where it should be.

You remember those troops, don’t you? The ones begging for his help because Kerry thinks they were too stupid to get out of service?

As Gateway Pundit found, a guardsman’s mother says:

She said the soldiers see Kerry’s so-called fact-finding trip to Iraq as nothing more than a political ploy to rehabilitate his image in advance of another White House run.

“They’re not real happy that he’s coming over there because they think that it’s basically to get him out of the political hole that he put himself in,” she said.

The Massachusetts Democrat vowed before departing Wednesday on a nine-day trip to Iraq and five other Middle East countries that he would be happy to apologize to any soldiers he encounters in Iraq.

“For anybody who misunderstood [the joke] or got only the White House presentation of it, I’d apologize, obviously,” he told reporters.

On another note, Kerry was pleased to be Times “Person of the Year” :

Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, today announced he is “humbled and grateful” to be named Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year‘ for 2006.

“When I picked up my copy of Time at the newsstand,” said Sen. Kerry, “and saw my own image looking back at me, I thought ‘Of all the great people in the world this year — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Kofi Annan, Kim Jong-Il — how can it be you, John?’” via ScrappleFace

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