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April 07, 2012

Barack Obama, the Not So “Marvelous” President … Google & You Tube Are Just So Unforgiving

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Dear President Barack Obama, “Isn’t it  marvelous” that search engines like Google and Internet sites like You Tube can record all of your comments so that when you try to mock and belittle individuals, your BS gets thrown back in your face? Like when you pathetically tried to make fun of GOP Presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney and ridiculously tried and paint him as an out of touch individual at an April 3, 2012 AP luncheon? Just this past week Obama criticized Romney for using the term “marvelous” to describe Paul Ryan’s budget. Really Mr. President, before you mock others, you best check what you have said in the past yourself.

Sorry Barack, if “Marvelous” is good enough for Billy Crystal and Fernando, it is good enough for me

When President Barack Obama criticized Mitt Romney by name this week for embracing a controversial Republican budget proposal, he worded his attack carefully and with bite.

“(Romney) said that he’s ‘very supportive’ of this new budget, and he even called it ‘marvelous’ – which is a word you don’t often hear when it comes to describing a budget,” Obama said during a speech on Tuesday, before adding:

“It’s a word you don’t often hear generally.”

How pathetic that we have a president that at every turn tries to pit American against American, play the race card and in this case the affluent card. How desperate could he be? Obama tries to pin using the word “marvelous” to being rich and out of touch. Although as stated at Powerline what takes even more nerve is for Obama to criticize anothers budget when Obama’s could not garner a single  vote and his Democrat Senate refuse to write one. Yet Obama did exactly that.

Obama’s riff on Romney’s use of the word “marvelous” to describe Representative Paul Ryan’s budget plans carried a subtle message.

“It’s a word you kind of associate with the upper class, and I think that the intention was to tweak Romney for being wealthy and, you know, sort of brought up in the kinds of circles where they would say ‘marvelous,’” said Kenneth Sherrill, a political science expert at New York’s Hunter College.

Barack Obama should have had his minions check Google and You Tube before he made such ignorant comments regarding “marvelous” not often being heard. I guess Barack Obama does not even listen to his own words.

So marvelous is a term you generally don’t hear at all, eh Barack? How about the time when Obama used the term “marvelous” to describe Martin Luther King’s oratory. Or when Obama described his “marvelous” surrounds. Finally when Obama used the term “marvelous” to describe the job that his wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama was doing.

 Could Barack Obama be any more of a decisive clown? Seriously, how ridiculous, childish and small could this man possibly be?  He would mock some one for using a word that he uses all the time. Obama does not anyone to look at his record on the economy, instead he thinks he is cute by mocking Romney instead, how marvelous.  He thinks you are stupid America.

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