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December 11, 2006

More Lessons for Aruba, Rape of tourist in South Africa sparks boycott

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Aruba, think there are not consequences to not properly investigating and prosecuting crimes? Sometimes there are consequences to the fact that a crime is even committed. ¬†Jossy Mansur of Diario has indicated many times that the suspect statements indicate a sexual assault as Natalee Holloway was going “in and out of consciousness”.

Dompig confirmed that there is a sexual assault, he not only believes it, he confirmed it.   That is a great question we have all been asking ourselves, why have their not been arrests on sexual assault? (Jossy Mansur, The Line Up )

Maybe Aruba better learn a lesson from South Africa for travel tour operators are calling for a boycott due to the gang rape of a French tourist. They have at least arrested suspects in this case, what have you done Aruba?

International tour operators are threatening to “pull the plug” on Durban following the gang rape of a French tourist.

Quoting Alan Vels, the chairman of the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa – East Coast (Fedhasa), a KwaZulu-Natal newspaper reported that one international tour operator had already cancelled tours to the city.

He told the newspaper that he was putting together a file of correspondence to give to the eThekwini municipality showing numerous tour operators stating their intention to remove Durban from their tours unless crime was attended to. (Sun Times)

The incident against the 26 year old official of a European swimming team attending the International Paralympic Committee’s Swimming World Championships was particularly heinous.

The 26-year old French national had decided to go for a walk with the Belgium swimming coach on Tuesday night when they were attacked near the city’s beach front paddling pools. The Belgian, a man, was allegedly held down while she was gang raped.

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