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April 02, 2005

Why You Should Watch “Left End of the Dial”

Posted in: Fun,Politics

If you have ever listened to Air America to get a good laugh, to get material for your site or just hear what the left is saying; watch “Left End of the Dial.” According to Jackson’s Junction it is a documentary that plays like a comedy. Or did he say a joke?

The best part was election night. (Why was I still nervous Bush might lose?) Anyway, probably because of those wonderful, liberal-heartbreaking, terribly wrong exit polls, the entire Air America crew was working that night, excited, so sure of victory, and ready for the revolution.

To see the looks on their smug faces — to hear the pain in their shrill voices… Priceless. First Florida. Then Ohio. Priceless. God love those exit pollsters.

Scared Monkeys had posted on the release earlier this month. Make sure you get a chance to see it as an example of how to not create a radio station based on the premise of hatred for a Republican President and the hope to create enough ill will to have him lose an election. Yep, its a comedy.

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