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April 01, 2005

Just Limin Man

Posted in: Fun,Main

It is a beautiful day and for some reason I am finding it near impossible to think about politics or anything else that would be beneficial.

Maybe tomorrow. No Worries, Man.

We are going to Skinny Legs for dinner. The owner and namesake I have know for over 20 years. For some reason that is scary and very reassuring.

It is a fun site that does capture the essence of the island. My favorite place is on how to drive on the island. It is pretty ironic, driving directions from a bartender.

KEEP LEFT! GO SLOW! We drive on the left. Why? We’re not sure but everybody else does so we do too. Skinny Legs suggest you drive slow (within the speed limit-still 20 mph) and keep left. Many locals drive in the middle of the road and are usually driving pretty fast. Taxi buses are big and have a lot of momentum. Water and cement trucks are bigger and have even more momentum. So watch for them, we do. We learned the benefits of driving slow years ago. First; things hurt a lot less when you hit them slowly. Second; if you do go off the road, you won’t fall as far, that is providing you hit the bushes. But be careful getting out of the vehicle. We had a friend who drove off the road. The car got caught in the brush about 20 feet off the road. They got out of the car and fell another 30 feet. And remember, It Is Better To Yield Than To Receive.

I don’t remember that from my driving exam, but down here it is great advice.

Oh, Limin is the art of hangin’ out. The kids callin it chillin’.

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