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February 17, 2012

Controversy Continues Over NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Whitney Houston Flag Tribute

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There has been quite the controversy and uproar over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to fly the  flag at half staff on Saturday in NJ for Whitney Houston’s funeral. Christie defended his actions of lowering the flag to half staff at state government buildings on Saturday, the day that Houston’s funeral services would be held in Newark, NJ.

Christie said he didn’t believe that Houston’s history of substance abuse “forfeited the good things she did.”

“I am disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise — and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet — but because of her history of substance abuse that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life,” he said, according to the AP. “I just reject that on a human level.”

“What I would say to everybody is, ‘There but for the grace of God go I,’” he added.

I would ask the following question, yes Whitney Houston is a daughter of New Jersey, yes she was an amazingly talented singer and yes she was also a drug addict along the way. Christie references that her history of drug abuse should not diminish the good things she did. Like what? Did I miss the fact that she was Mother Teresa-like? Seriously, what good things did she do?Whitney Houston was an amazingly talented singer who gave the greatest rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before Super Bowl XXV in from of millions of people worldwide as Gulf W in 1991. However, I am not sure if that rates flags being flown at half-staff.

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh backs Chris Christie’s Whitney Houston flag tribute.Rush’s full comments can be read HERE. However, law enforcement has quite a different take.

Rush Limbaugh defended New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to order flags in his state to be flown at half-staff on the day of the late singer Whitney Houston’s funeral, as he briefly dipped his toes in the world of entertainment on his radio show Thursday.

“I have a question. If she did not have in her life a problem with drug abuse and alcohol … we don’t yet know what the cause of death was, but let’s assume that alcohol and drugs had nothing to do with it. Take that out of it. How many of you would be upset that the flag was lowered to half staff?” Limbaugh said.

What is most interesting regarding Rush’s comments is that when El Rushbo ever decides to depart this Earth, the same flag flack will most likely occur.

With all due respect, many instances of flying flags half-staff for entertainers were done prior to 9-11. The attacks of September 11, 2001 kind of put a significance on such an act. My personal belief is that maybe the answer is to fly the state flag at half staff for entertainers. Let’s reserve the US flag for government officials, the military and first responders. Call me old fashion but I just think that there are many more daughters and sons of New Jersey that will have done more than Whitney will pass away and never be provided this honor.

Give us your opinion …

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