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November 08, 2006

Canada, Don’t Worry about your Tourism … It could be worse … You could be Uruguay or Aruba

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It seems that our friends in “The Great White North” are having some tourism issues lately. IgorCanada’s tourism rate has gone down 4.1%, while tourists traveling abroad is up about 4.5%. We just want to remind them it could be worse. Just remember Canada, to borrow a line from Young Frankenstein.’ 

Igor: Could be worse.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: How?
Igor: Could be raining …“Or Aruba”

So how could it be worse? Read on … One knows when they have made it to the bottom of  the tourism food chain when they are referenced in the same sentence as tourism hot spots like Montserrat and Uruguay. That’s correct Aruba, “One Happy Island,” mentioned in the same sentence as these two declining tourism hot beds.


Uruguay … tastes just like Aruba

In the Americas, Canada’s percentage decline is exceeded only by Montserrat, where the Soufriere Hill volcano that erupted with devastating effect in 1995 is still rumbling; Aruba, scene of the much-publicized Natalee Holloway murder; and Uruguay. (Winnipeg Free Press)


Monserrat’s issue is a volcano. One can understand that maybe some might think an active volcano might be a detriment to a fun vacation. An active lava flow while tanning might pose a problem. That or your paid for hotel is no longer standing.  And Uruguay, well its Uruguay. Then there is Aruba. The government officials wonder why their tourism is where its at? Eventually you will figure it out. Or continue to be on a tourism pace with Uruguay.

Back to Canada. Personally I think one of Canada’s issues is that the Canadian dollar has Canadian-flagrebounded significantly to the $US. Many more Canadians are coming south to the US that the other way around. I believe there are also misconceptions regarding its image as well. Seems that the Officials of the Canadian tourism industry think they have am image problem.

Officials of the Canadian tourism industry have been aware for some time Canada has an “image” problem, and the Canadian Tourism Commission is spending $75-million a year to improve it through its “Brand Canada” campaign. It involves advertising and encouraging overseas media to report on the joys of visiting the Great White North.

Just bring Bob & Doug McKenzie back that will do wonders. Who didn’t love that? Also I am partial to the Canadian national Anthem, second only to our own. Guess I have been to one too many hockey games.

PEI Beach

Seriously, for those that have never been to Canada … go. Prince Edward Island in the Maritime Province is fantastic.Charlottetown is a great little city with restaurants galore. What makes PEI uniquely different is its Scottish.  Actually has warmer ocean waters than New England because of the gulf stream. PEI has everything from beaches to camping to Anne of Green Gables. By the way, if you love sea food and muscles … PEI has the best.

Quebec City during Winter Carnival is a blast.  What happens in Quebec City stays in Quebec City.  Winter Carnival was a college tradition. Oh yea the ice sculptures were Bonhommebeyond description. It was a little like Mardi Gras on ice without the beads and safer.  Ottawa and Toronto, also great cities to visit. For Boston Red Sox fans going to Sky Dome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays is actually an easier ticket than getting one at Fenway Park. Also the streets of Toronto are easier to manage than Boston and there is no “Big Dig” there to hold your breath when driving in a tunnel.

Although Montreal was a bit too much city for me and the language issue was a bit of a problem; there was so much to do there. Restaurants, bars and Cuban cigars a definite plus. Also, The Jardin botanique de Montrà ©al or Montreal Botanical Garden is absolutely breath taking. I must see for those that are not even into plants, flowers and trees. The scenery and landscapes are amazing.

Botonical garden Mont

 I have heard great things about Calgary and Vancouver, but have never had the opportunity to visit. Canada is so vast and different from Province to Province like the Unites States. Get the chance, go north and check out … The Great White North … you will find its not always white and there’s tons to do.

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