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November 08, 2006

Missouri Senate Race: (R) Jim Talent vs (D) Claire McCaskill

Posted in: Politics

Incumbent Republican Jim Talent leads by 51–46 margin. If Republicans do not want to be swept tonight, they best win this seat. The Democrats have gained control of the House. Can you say Speaker Pelosi? Eeesh.

MO – U.S. Senate
53% Precincts Reporting
  Jim Talent (i) Republican 562,721 (51%)
  Claire McCaskill Democrat 504,736 (46%)
  Frank Gilmour Libertarian 28,952 (3%)
  Lydia Lewis Progressive 10,587 (1%)

(FOX news)

Interestingly enough with Amendment 2 in Missouri is losing as well to date.

MO – Amendment 2 – Would allow stem-cell research to be conducted and funded
in the state that is allowed under federal law
53% Precincts Reporting
  No - 576,225 (52%)
  Yes - 526,048 (48%)

UPDATE I: Great job from the Gateway Pundit Live Blogging from Talent HQ.

UPDATE II: Talent needs a bigger lead than this, oh boy … say it isn’t so.

MO – U.S. Senate
69% Precincts Reporting
  Jim Talent (i) Republican 729,720 (50%)
  Claire McCaskill Democrat 681,764 (47%)
  Frank Gilmour Libertarian 35,974 (2%)
  Lydia Lewis Progressive 13,457 (1%)

UPDATE III: This is not looking good for Talent. And not looking good for Republicans. It appears as of 1:00 AM EDT, Barring a miracle, Republicans will lose MO, VA & MT and the Senate will be in Democratic control.

MO – U.S. Senate
80% Precincts Reporting
  Claire McCaskill Democrat 813,003 (49%)
  Jim Talent (i) Republican 799,007 (48%)
  Frank Gilmour Libertarian 39,451 (2%)
  Lydia Lewis Progressive 14,851 (1%)

Missouri State Election site

UPDATE IV: (D) McCaskill wins Senate seat in Missouri 50 – 47 over Talent. Another Democratic pick up in the Senate.

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