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November 07, 2006

TN Senate Race: (R) Bob Corker vs (D)Harold Ford Jr.

Posted in: Politics

With 71% of the precincts reporting, Republican Bob Corker has a 52 – 47 lead of Bob CorkerDemocratic Harold Ford Jr. This is a must win for the Republican party if they plan on retaining control of the US Senate. Bob Corker has lead from the early going in the vote count.

The last Rasmussen poll prior to the election gave Corker a 51 – 47 lead. It appears that the election is following very true to that poll.

UPDATE I: TN – U.S. Senate
71% Precincts Reporting
  Bob Corker Republican 730,356 (52%)
  Harold Ford Democrat 666,216 (47%)
  Ed Choate Independent 8,069 (1%)
  David Gatchell Independent 2,830 (0%)
  Bo Heyward Independent 2,689 (0%)
  Gary Keplinger Independent 2,328 (0%)
  Chris Lugo Independent 1,849 (0%)

(Fox News)

UPDATE II: TN – U.S. Senate
86% Precincts Reporting

  Bob Corker Republican 821,553 (51%)
  Harold Ford Democrat 763,300 (48%)
  Ed Choate Independent 9,191 (1%)
  David Gatchell Independent 3,198 (0%)
  Bo Heyward Independent 3,074 (0%)
  Gary Keplinger Independent 2,640 (0%)
  Chris Lugo Independent 2,025 (0%)

UPDATE III: If there is one consolation to this night, looks like Corker has won Tennessee. Isn’t that a blessing in so many ways that cannot be explained in mere words. Thank god.

 Republican Corker wins Tenn. Senate seat

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