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November 07, 2006

Oops, she did it again … Britney Spears Files for Divorce

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File this one under … what took so long … It’s over for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.Brittany

Breaking news from CNN … Oops, she did it again. If you had 2 years, one month and one day on the over/under in the Spears second marriage you lost.  Brittany Spears has officially filed for divorce according to court documents. This time is Kevin Federine who bites the dust. After her first marriage that lasted a whopping 55 hours to Jason Alexander, this time Britney’s marriage lasted a little over 2 years and one month. This does bode well for potential husband #3.

TMZ.com reports that Spears filed legal papers Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Spears is asking for legal and physical custody of their two children, 1-year-old Sean Preston and 2-month-old Jayden James.

The date of separation was listed as Monday. (TMZ)

The reason for the divorce? Irreconcilable differences. One could argue those may have been the same reason why the two were married.

UPDATE: (11/8/06) This is Priceless … Britney’s Timing: Was It All About the Prenup?

As they always say, follow the money. In this case its the prenup. This is too funny, personally I don’t blame Britney one bit. The reason for the day picked by Ms Spears reads more like a sports contract. Seems that her “slacker” beau will not be given an option for a third year with incentives. LOL.

Britney Spears didn’t pick Nov. 6 as the day to file for divorce from Kevin Federline by accident.

She filed two years and one month from the day of her marriage, on Oct. 6, 2004. Her prenup, according to legal theorists, evidently carried increases for Federline for every year of their marriage. And those deadlines, they say, likely had 30-day grace periods.

Hence, Nov. 6 would have been Britney’s last chance to get out of paying a third year of alimony settlement to a basically talentless slacker who was a drain on her finances. (Fox News)


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