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November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein Sentenced – Death By Hanging is His Fate

Posted in: War on Terror

How_to_hang_saddamThe sentence for the atrocities that have been committed by Saddam Hussein is death by hanging according to the Iraqi Court today. The leader who caused turmoil during his reign as leader of Iraq slaughtering thousands of his civilians and using biological weapons on them was convicted by those same people in an Iraqi court this morning.

Of course Saddam was defiant in his delusional way.

“Allahu Akbar!” (God is Greatest) and “Long live the nation!”, he shouted, pointing defiantly at the judge as the verdict was delivered. Looking away in disgust, and then staring angrily back at the judge he continued to shout “Long live the people and death to their enemies. Long live the glorious nation, and death to its enemies!”

He had refused to stand for the verdict and had to be lifted to his feet by two court bailiffs. “Make him stand,” the judge ordered as the former president stayed seated. He then stood in silence and waited for his fate to be announced to the world.

Saddam_to_be_hungSaddam was convicted of ordering the deaths of 148 Shia men and teenage boys in the town of Dujail in 1982. via SkyNews

From us at Scared Monkeys, we welcome the hanging of Saddam as it will weaken those in Iraq that think he will return and thus make life safer for our troops. It will also punish one of the worst despots of our generation.

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