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October 30, 2006

Second Dancer in Duke Lacrosse Rape case, Kim Roberts, states “go ahead, put marks on me” …Willing to take Lie Detector test (The NewsBreaker Exclusive)

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Internet Exclusive from Larry Garrison … The NewsBreaker

The latest bomb-shell news out of the Duke Lacrosse rape case is that the second dancer, Kim_RobertsKim Roberts, has reported to ABC and GMA that the alleged rape victim ask her to “go ahead, put marks on me”. The story just gets more and more strange and troublesome.


The second dancer in the Duke rape case has said for the first time that the accuser told her to “go ahead, put marks on me” after the alleged attack.

Dancer Kim Roberts made the new allegation — which she has not shared with authorities — in an interview with Chris Cuomo that aired today on “Good Morning America.”

In a Scared Monkeys internet exclusive, Larry Garrison who provided the GMA exclusive told us the following:

It appears that the boys on the Duke Lacrosse team were rowdy and did make racial and prejudicial comments; however, more disturbing comments are coming out of the alleged Duke lacrosse rape scandal. After the alleged rape in the car, the alleged rape victim was acting strangely as if drunk or drugged. That is when the alleged rape victim made the comment; I want to be roughed up some more, “go ahead, put marks on me”.

In our exclusive with Larry Garrison, who had met and talked with the second dancer, Kim Roberts, Larry stated,  “that the dancer is willing to take a lie detector test”. Kim Roberts has only been interviewed once by police in the Duke lacrosse rape case. Robert’s stated in her GMA interview that she was very hesitant on coming forward with this information. She thought that she would be called as a witness to get this information out; however, what if she was never called? That would seem as a valid concern seeing that DA Nifong has yet to seriously interview many of the key players in this story. What is he waiting for? 


“It is something that has been weighing on my heart, and I worry that maybe I won’t be called to trial,” Roberts told Cuomo, as she reached for a tissue.

“Because all of, so many of her, so much of [the accuser's] statement differs from mine, and I, I might not help the prosecution at all as a witness.”

Roberts became visibly upset as she described the accuser’s comments for the first time, at one point stopping the interview.

“I don’t even want to talk about it anymore,” she said.

Kim Robert’s bomb-shell comes on the foot-heals of the other recently learned head spinning information that DA Nifong has yet to interview the alleged rape victim on the facts of the case.

“I’ve had conversations with (the accuser) about how she’s doing. I’ve had conversations with (the accuser) about her seeing her kids,” Mike Nifong said. “I haven’t talked with her about the facts of that night. … We’re not at that stage yet.”

Nifong made the statement in response to a defense request for any statements the woman has made about the case.

In this racially divided issue, we hope that the truth comes out no matter what it may be. It has divided a North Carolina community and one can only hope that the truth and justice is served as color should never play an issue. Did the Duke Lacrosse team act like choir boys, probably not by the mere fact that they hired strippers, let alone their past campus conduct. Did they deserve certain university sanctions against them for their conduct, yes. Did they rape an exotic dancer?  That is the major issue. They have proclaimed their innocence. The dancers color and background should not be an issue. A rape case should be about the facts and wanting to get at the truth.

The facts of the case and lack of investigation by the prosecution is certainly disturbing. Did DA Nifong use this for political purposes for his upcoming election? Rape is always disturbing. One never wants to question the validity that a rape victim is making false allegations. However, on the other hand no one wants to falsely condemn people for rape either. This is the reason why it is imperative that a DA investigate and talk to all sides to get to the bottom of the matter, rather than file charges first and figure out the rest later. The fact that DA Nifong has not questioned the accuser in detail at this point is troubling.

Rape allegations should never have a racial component to them. Obviously this case has divided many along racial lines. People should be bigger than that. It appears that Kim Roberts has made that decision. Larry Garrison commented, “Kim Roberts did a brave thing by coming forward with this information in such a racially divided issue”. Garrison also made the point that it should be about “the truth”, not racial.

I realized the position Kim Roberts was in “not to violate her sisters” as she exclaimed, and was pleased that she realized the truth was more important than a racial divide.” The mere fact that she would take a lie detector test was convincing. Furthermore, Kim and I went to her father’s funeral in Sacramento with “Good Morning America”, and her state of mind was more into making things right then anything else. (Larry Garrison)

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